Stone Hazy IPA Let's Bee Homies Beer 4 - 16 oz Cans

Let's bee homies. A buzz worth IPA. Stone/Deschutes Let's be Homies Hazy IPA: Nature is full of great collaborations. Take plants and pollinators for example - a symbiotic relationship that gives us fruits, vegetables and of course, honey. Although stone and Deschutes have origins on near-opposite ends of the west coast, our backyards are brought together in this hazy IPA brewed with equal parts Oregon blackberry honey and California orange blossom honey. A craft beer cross-pollination, now available across the nation. Ain't that sweet? Enjoy Fresh: Our beers are packed with flavors that are best experienced as fresh as possible. Make sure to enjoy this beer before the date on the bottom of the can. Please recycle.