A mind blowing amalgamation of flavors. Stone Farking Wheaton Wootstout: Over the years, stone farking Wheaton WOOtstout has become one of our most anticipated annual releases - and not just because it's an astoundingly flavorful beer concocted as a collaboration between Fark's Drew Curtis, nerd royalty Wil Wheaton and stone brewing co-founder Greg Koch. It's the incredible label art adorning this beer over the years that has elevated it to the pinnacle of beer, geekery and beer geekery. This year's heroic artwork comes from tom Raney, who has a history drawing comics at marvel and DC, from X-Men to batman. His label art depicts a superpowered, Mecha-gorgoyle ready to spring into action to protect the sublime sanctity of great craft beer. Gargoyles are historically known as protectors against evil spirits. Since the beginning, our Stone gargoyle has represented our ceaseless quest to create the most awesome beers imaginable. Think of the gargoyle as the big friend that's got your back. Ever vigilant, ever watchful, and ever your humble servant. Age at cellar temp: (55 degrees F/13 degrees C or below). Please recycle.