Chartreuse Liqueur

Chartreuse is made only by Carthusian Monks of La Grande Chartreuse hear Grenoble, France. Chartreuse today is still made from 130 alpine herbs according to an ancient 1605 formula. The secret method of preparation is shared by three Carthusian brothers and is protected by vows of silence. Chartreuse is sold in America as a green or yellow liqueur, the latter being sweeter and milder. Each type is also available in a rare V.E.P. The only liqueur to have a color named after it, Chartreuse is also famous for a flavor and fragrance totally unexpected, remarkably beguiling, unique in all the world. Chartreuse is most popular mixed with tonic or soda in a tall glass with ice, accented by a slice of lemon or lime, but can also can be enjoyed on the rocks. Alc. 55% by vol. Produce of France.