Man Coastal Region Chenin Blanc 750 ml

Wine of Origin Coastal. This Man thing all began with three friends and an idea: to make a wine that we ourselves would love to buy. Good quality, good value. Not exactly on epiphany, but enough to motivate us into action. What do we name it? Keeping peace in the family, we took the first initials of our wives. (We each have one wife, that is.) So that's how we explained to Marie, Anette, and Nicky that we were going to be busy most weekends. It's for you! we told them. And it's mostly true. Here is a wine with aromas of tropical fruits and melon, with crisp, bold citrus and tropical fruit flavors. Will complement most fish, poultry or salad dishes. Also excellent as an aperitif. Wine of South Africa. Wine & Spirit Board Certified. Alc. 13.5% by vol.