Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Wrap, Southwest Style, Frozen, 4 Count 17 oz

Wake up and give your taste buds a bite of that good morning feeling! Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Wraps are the perfect way to enjoy a delicious and satisfying breakfast with the family every morning. Crafted with fluffy eggs, white cheddar cheese, all natural turkey sausage, black beans, corn, onions and bell peppers all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla, these delicious and fully cooked breakfast burritos kick start your and your family’s mornings and helps fuel the day ahead. Folks will be hard pressed to find a breakfast loaded with such irresistible flavor and that can effortlessly be served in just minutes. Simply place a burrito in the microwave and heat. Grab a warm and hearty Jimmy Dean Wrap and have a great tasting snack at the ready. Add a frozen breakfast wrap to your lunch and take with you to the office for a midday pick-me-up, or pack one in a school lunch for a tasty treat. Each individual burrito is packaged in a single-serving wrapper, making it the ideal meal to take with you when you’re on the move. Or better yet, prepare a meal at home that the family will love! Pair a wrap with your favorite medley of fruit, yogurt, or simply savor the familiar flavors of a Jimmy Dean wrap all on its own, exactly as it was intended. Or even add a dash of ketchup or your favorite hot sauce for a more tangy bite.