Minute Maid 100% Juice Bars Variety Pack - 12 PK

Minute Maid® 100% Juice** Bars Variety Pack. Made with 100% juice**. Minute Maid® Juice Bars Orange. Minute Maid® Juice Bars Cherry. Minute Maid® Juice Bars Grape. Naturally flavored with other natural flavors. Juice bars made with apple juice from concentrate with added ingredients. 40 Calories per bar. 12 - 2.25 fl oz (66 ml) Bars (27 fl oz / 792 ml). **Contains 100% apple juice. "Minute maid" is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company. Consumer Information, Call: 1-800-888-6488. Visit our website at www.minutemaid.com and www.jjsnack.com. ©2016 The Coca-Cola Company.