Kim & Scotts Soft Pretzels, Apple Cinnamon

Great for breakfast! Low fat. All-natural. Handmade. Soft & delicious! Microwaveable. A Twist of Fate! We met at a Chicago book signing by a wondrous author, Richard Bach. He writes books about soulmates and airplanes. We decided to fly high together inside a passionate pretzel business and nurture the universe with our inspired soft pretzels. Twisted by hand and baked from scratch, our unique soft pretzels make a wonderful snack anytime. Send a gift box as a great corporate gift, or to family and friends for special occasions. Here's Our Twist! Along this delicious pretzel journey, we love sharing our passion and enthusiasm for our inspired pretzel products! Enjoy! We are passionate pretzel bakers committed to bringing the finest gourmet soft pretzels to the planet, bringing jobs to our community, and having a ton of fun along the way! Finally a truly gourmet soft pretzel has arrived! Low fat, all natural, soft and delicious - Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzels offer an assortment of premium, superior flavored soft pretzels. Featuring fresh cheeses, hardy spices and unbleached flour, our gourmet soft pretzels combine a traditional European recipe with our own unique twist, creating a rustic, handmade pretzel with the doughy softness of fresh bread. Just before being baked at our Chicago pretzel bakery, each delicious pretzel can be topped with freshly shredded cheeses, seasonings, or cinnamon sugar. Yum! Apple Cinnamon - We call this our happy-apple cinnamon because it makes you feel so happy! We use unsweetened applesauce, unsulphured dried apples, plenty of cinnamon, mix it all together inside the dough and just before baking, we dust cinnamon sugar on top. Kids go nuts for these twisted sweet and healthy treats!