La Brea Bakery Bake at Home Baguettes, French Demi

Artisan breads. Bakes in 10-12 minutes! Natural ingredients. Award-winning artisan bread. Bakery fresh bread. Enjoy, any time. This is how a simple ham and cheddar sandwich turns into something more sophisticated. Our French Demi Baguette, with its thin, golden crust, soft center and slightly sweet, buttery taste is the ideal size for sandwiches. Better yet, make it part of a home-cooked dinner for one, no sharing required. 0 g trans fat per serving. No preservatives - fat free. No cholesterol. No saturated fat. When Chef Nancy Silverton opened an unassuming little storefront bakery on Los Angeles' La Brea Avenue in 1989. no one knew it would spark an artisan bread movement in Southern California. Soon, people were lining up every day at dawn to fight over the last loaf. And before long. La Brea Bakery had grown from one woman's dream into hundreds of varieties of artisan breads sold in grocery stores and restaurants across the country and as tar away as Europe. Now. you can bake fresh La Brea Bakery bread in your very own oven. With La Brea Bakery Bake-at-Home Artisan Breads, we've done all the hard work for you. Simply pop the bread into the oven. Then sit back - butter knife in band - as the scent of fresh-baked bread tills your kitchen. It only takes a few minutes. But one whiff and they may just seem like some of the longest minutes of your life. Patience. friends. And enjoy.