Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

Kit includes: 1 dual sprayer, 1 bottle of cleaning solution (34 fl oz (1 qt 2 oz) 1 lt). 30 days. Keeps clean up to 30 days (based on lab testing against mold and mildew stains). Attack soap scum and clean mildew stains at the daily press of a button. S C Johnson - a family company. We work hard so you don't have to! Attacks soap scum. Cleans mold & mildew stains. Covers all 4 walls and tub. Fits all standard showerheads. Safe on all bath care products. One refill bottle included. Booster Button: More cleaning power when you need it. Single button for everyday cleaning. Booster button for more powerful cleaning. Touch: Just push the desired button once a day and walk away - no rinsing required. Spray: Each spray continually covers the entire shower and targets back corners and edges. Clean: Cleans even tough grime in 14 days with a long lasting scent for up to 24 hours. Cleans soap scup and mold & mildew stains in all types of showers! Booster button! More cleaning power when you need it. 360 degree sprayer covers entire shower. Targets hard-to-clean areas. Booster button for heavier shower soil occasions. Curtain. Glass door. Standard. Walk-in. Requires 4 AA alkaline batteries: not included. Customer Reviews: It works so well! I recommended it to all my family, especially my mother. She has back problems and has a hard time cleaning so the Automatic Shower Cleaner is perfect for her - Faith W. Clarksville, TN. Honestly at first I thought Okay, that's just plain lazy but then I went to a friend's house who had one in both of her showers! Not only did the room smell fresh and clean, the showers actually were! I went out and bought two myself - Delena M. Fayetteville, AR. Facts you can feel good about: Product not tested on animals. Refill does not contain dyes. Refill bottle made up 50% post-recycled content - please recycle when empty. Learn more at: A family company since 1886 - Fisc Johnson. Limited warranty. Device made in China for S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.