Silk Soymilk Mint Chocolate

Silk® All Natural Mint Chocolate Soymilk*. Share your delight™. 1 carton=50¢ for kids. Toys for Tots®. Coats for Kids® foundation. See back panel for details. 90 calories per cup. *With added vitamins and minerals. Lactose & dairy-free. One quart (946 ml). Help us share the delight this season. Here's how... 1. Register and enter the UPC from this carton at 2. Select either Toys for Tots® or Coats for Kids®. 3. We'll donate 50¢ to your chosen charity for every UPC registered!* *Promotion ends 1/15/2012. Up to a maximum of $100,000 per charity. Limit one donation per day, per person. Not tax-deductible. No charity endorsement. Love it guarantee or your money back. When we say you'll love the taste, we're not kidding. Don't love it We'll give your money back. Promise. Visit or call 888-820-9283. Now we'll sweeten the deal. Visit and get a coupon for any flavor of Silk®. Cheers to your health. Silk® mint chocolate may taste naughty, but it's nothing but nice. Not only is each creamy, chocolatey cup free of lactose, cholesterol and saturated fat, it's also just 90 calories. Whether you sip it chilled in a glass or warmed in a mug, your tastebuds and your waistline will both say thanks. If either of those things could actually talk. GMO's No thanks. We've always insisted on the best soybeans, grown without genetic modification, for your health and the planet's. So we're proud to be verified by the Non-GMO Project. Learn more at Non GMO project verified. It's free! Silk® mint chocolate is free of lactose, dairy, cholesterol, eggs, casein, MSG and worries. You still have to pay for it, though. Not to be used as infant formula. Naturally sweetened with Stevia PureCircle™. ©2011 WhiteWave.