Turtle Island Foods Coconut Curry Marinated Tempeh

Turtle Island Foods Coconut Curry Marinated Tempeh. Family Owned & Independent Since 1980. Gluten Free. Strips. Made with Organic Soybeans. Vegan. Net wt 7 oz (198g). When Turtle Island Tempeh was introduced in 1980, it was a simpler time. With no texting, blogging, Facebook, or Youtube, people had time to cut and marinate their Tempeh. But today, you have more important things to do. To help out, we've sliced our organic soy Tempeh into thin strips and marinated them with coconut and two types of curry. Just heat up the pan, brown on both sides, and voila-your sandwich, stir-fry, or salad has a tasty new pal... which leaves you time for the essential tasks of these modern times. For more delicious recipes or to order the Tempeh cookbook go online to www.tofurky.com. Black spots on Tempeh are normal and do not indicate spoilage. Recycled. 100% Recycled Paperboard. Low voc inks. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. www.tofurky.com. info@tofurky.com. Proud supporter of The Humane Society of the United States.